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Biomass Wood Chip Boilers from Biofutures UK

Biofutures have installed systems up to 300kW in peak output power. We work with a range of manufacturers according to the specific requirements of our clients. Wood chip systems require adequate space for fuel storage, handling and feeding as well a secure source of supply. Wood chip systems are often required to provide cost effective heat to an industrial process.

Evo World

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Containerised Solution

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Evo World – Introducing Evoworld high-efficiency wood chip-fueled heating systems. As convenient as oil or LPG. The compact, fully automated wood chip biomass heating systems can be installed as easily as traditional fuel systems.
Containerised Solutions - Containerised biomass heating systems that offer a self contained biomass boiler system from within an easy 'plug & play' Biomass Heat Cabin. Prefabricated Biomass energy centres from Biofutures.