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Biomass Advice and Consultancy

We follow the best practice principles set out under the Renewable Energy Consumer Code and our company is registered under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme Standards, ensuring that we deliver a system that’s been designed to meet the heating requirements of our clients, delivering a high performing, cost effective heating solution.

Following an initial telephone conversation we will usually visit your home / premises to get a better understanding of the requirements, heating/ hot water demand, space available, current costs and assess whether biomass or an ASHP is likely to be appropriate.

If biomass is a viable option we would then carry out a detailed feasibility assessment that looks at the site heat demands, system requirements, capital and operating costs, fuel supply & storage and any potential consents required.

For complex schemes we will carry out a full system design and system sizing assessment which can also integrate multiple fuel and boiler types and the correct sizing of accumulator tanks. This will ensure the correct boiler sizing and no unnecessary capital expenditure and the efficient running of the system.

We provide full RHI support. The RHI accreditation process can be a complex process, however with our service we will ensure all the required information is uploaded so that your system can be accredited and that you receive payments as soon as possible.