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Why Choose Wood Pellets

High Comfort Due To Easy Use

Troublesome heating with woods is a thing of the past.
Pellet heating appliances offer a level of comfort that compares to oil and gas heating.

The annual supply of wood pellets is delivered once a year and blown into the storage room in a matter of a few minutes, clean and trouble-free. The supply of wood pellets is fast and covers all of the UK. The heater operation is fully automated. A clearing of the ash tray is only needed every 6 to 8 weeks.

Enviromental Protection

Pellets are stored solar energy. When burning wood, only the CO2 absorbed by the photosynthesis during the growth of the tree is being released.

Heating with wood pellets is thus CO2 neutral. And since CO2 is seen as one of the main culprits of the greenhouse effect, the use of pellet heating is a valuable contribution to protect our climate. Furthermore, if the wood were to rot, it would release the same amount of CO2 as if it was burnt.


There are a number of commercial producers in in the UK and Europe. The production capacity of these plants guarantees the supply of pellets and there are no supply problems in the UK.

Numerous regional dealers and producers ensure a fast delivery of the pellets. This creates many jobs and supports, as a crisis proof and price-stable fuel, our independence from the outside world.