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Our Range Of Products

Switching to a Biofutures wood based heating system can provides a range of benefits including; significantly lower fuel costs, particularly compared to heating oil, LPG and electricity; annual income through the government RHI schemes; and substantially reducing the carbon emissions of your home/business.

Fuel for wood based heating / hot water systems comes in three main forms:

  • Wood Pellet - Low moisture content (6-7%), predictable calorific content, cleanest most easily automated, most concentrated and efficient fuel supply but needs to be purchased.
  • Wood Chip - Higher moisture (25%+), less predictable size, requires more capital and space for equipment to process/ automate feeding. Typically bought in.
  • Logs - Highest moisture content (typically 35%+), least automated requiring regular loading, maintenance etc but can use own supply.

Biofutures provides ongoing servicing and warranty for all of our products. Contact us for more information on Biofutures’ product portfolio.