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Biomass Container Solutions - Plug & Play Containerised Biomass Heating Systems

Containerised biomass heating systems that offer a self contained biomass boiler system from within an easy 'plug & play' Biomass Heat Cabin. Prefabricated Biomass energy centres from Biofutures.

Make wood heating installations quick and easy with a prefabricated biomass cabin heating system from Biofutures

Our prefabricated wood chip and wood pellet Biomass units feature containerised biomass boiler rooms and integral fuel stores and are include all heating plant, plumbing, electrical wiring and control systems pre-installed ready for connection to an external heating system.

Biomass Heat Cabins, Biomass Prefabricated Units

This connection normally takes place via a below ground insulated pipe of an appropriate size for the power units. The units are available in a range of outputs, sizes and finishes (including profiled steel sheeting or timber cladding), and provide a convenient way of installing biomass boilers and associated equipment, particularly where there are existing building space restrictions.

Biomass Bio House Design, Biomass Boiler Housing Rooms

The flexibility afforded by the Biomass Heat Cabins provides another advantage. We configure them so they are essentially ‘plug and play’ and can be moved, re-sited and re-configured as required. With a wide range of power outputs a solution for virtually every demand can be provided.

Please download one of our brochures; [Bio House Solutions | Biomass Cabins Solutions | Smart 150-500kw Biomass Boiler] and contact us for a discussion on the benefits of such systems and the support available through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).