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Biomass Cookers & Pellet Stoves - Wood Pellet Stoves from Palazzetti

The Ecofire range of wood pellet stoves are at the forefront of design and efficiency.
The stoves provide levels of convenience that significantly surpass more traditional log fires and provide a clean very economical space heat system. With four different model configurations available, namely;


Pellet stoves offer similar aesthetics to a wood-burning stove without any of the complications and mess associated with logs. Starting the fire just requires pressing a button! The software enables you to set the time you want the stove to come on and off and the temperature you want for the room. When that is achieved the stove will modulate its output to maintain the heat needed, thus providing controlled comfort and reducing pellet consumption. It is even possible to start and stop the stove via your mobile phone using GSM/SMS messaging.

Wood pellets generate far more heat than logs as the fuel is more energy dense and the stove store of pellets can last up to 55 hours depending on model.  Because of the highly efficient combustion the ash pan may only be need emptying infrequently. 

The stoves provide:

  • High level of control
  • Are easily installed
  • Attractive design
  • Compact design
  • Highly efficient
  • Clean operation
  • Readily available fuel
  • Small storage are for pellets
  • Very low maintenance
  • Reliability

The range provides a space heating system that is flexible and perfectly suited to many small office and domestic situations. To get the full story and to see the competitive prices on these Ecofire wood pellet stoves please download our brochure and price list.

This is our range of Wood Pellet Stoves from Palazzetti

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