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Partners - Biomass Installation Training UK

Biomass Installer and Engineer TrainingAre you interested in becoming an installer for a Biomass manufacturer? Would you like to benefit from trouble free Biomass installations with some quality kit? Here at Biofutures, we can offer you:

  • Excellent installer margins, increasing even further based on volumes
  • Leads within your geographical area
  • Partner support, including marketing collateral, event support and co-branded marketing campaigns
  • A fully compliant RHI range of boilers

Customer Support & Service

The Biofutures team recognise that as with purchasing any type of boiler, an installer is only as good as the support and back-up that is provided by the distributor. As a result of this we have a very capable and experienced back office team who can offer you support ranging from logistics, to schematics, to sales support, branded quote templates and boiler sizing templates and many other value add services. Here are just a few items to whet your appetite.

State Of The Art Training Centre

Our recently opened Biomass Centre, features a number of Biomass boilers and a dedicated training area in a rural location. Ideal for an off-site training day. This coupled with numerous local installations that have been installed close to a decade makes this the perfect location to become a Biotech trained installer. Our training days are usually the last Tuesday in each month, for more information click here for a training schedule. Forthcoming training dates are listed under Training Dates here.

Design Services

Biofutures recognise that each system is bespoke to each customer’s requirements. No two applications are similar. Hydraulic schematics are available to make the engineers installation job clear and easy to follow.

This also provides a platform for all to comprehend the design and how parts integrate with each other. Biofutures recognise that integration is the key element of system design. Utilising the vast range of products Biotech have at their disposal, it allows us to offer huge flexibility.

Service & Back Up

As experienced Biomass installers ourselves, we understand that good customer service with back up are an important part of a well maintained and high performing Biomass system. Spare parts are available in the UK with more obscure items from older models to be ordered and shipped quickly. As our commitment to work with you, we will accompany you on your first installation of each different boiler type (chip / log / pellet) to ensure that our training is being adhered and to assist you in understanding commissioning protocol.