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Log Burning Stoves

Log burning stoves are a wonderful addition to any room. The traditional stoves from our UK partner and our contemporary stoves from the Italian manufacturer Palazzetti provide a wide choice of styles and heating outputs to suit virtually all house styles and character. Wood stoves are a low cost and an attractive solution reducing the overall heating cost of a property.

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Snuggling up in front of a real fire is what winter is all about and a modern wood stove is much better than an open fire. As great as open fires are in many ways, they are not very energy efficient, at only around 20%. Wood burning stoves are much more efficient, at around 70-90%, so you get all the benefits of a real fire without most of your money going up in smoke. The installation of a wood-burner must comply with building regulations, and the easiest way to do this is to use a qualified fitter. Here at Biofutures we are HETAS-registered installers and have specialized in wood heating for over 10 years. Our showroom just outside Llandeilo has various traditional and contemporary models of log stoves on display.

Traditional Wood Burning StovesContemporary Wood BurnersStylish Log Burning Stoves

Our range of stoves in the main provides space heating but some of the PALAZZETTI of log burners have got the facilities to heat up your water for space heating as well as domestic hot water for domestic. Just look for the water tap symbol in the brochure.

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