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Varmebaronen Viking Bio 20 Pellet Burner

Product Description

Viking Bio 20 is probably Sweden’s most popular pellet burner with tens of thousands sold. It is designed to have a long service life and low installation costs. Viking Bio 20 suits all boilers due to its forward-burning design. Värmebaronen has sold VIKING brand burners for over 20 years.


Viking Bio 20 pellet burners normally try to start up at low power. They automatically switch to higher power if it is very cold outside and there is insufficient power. The Viking Bio 20 pellet burner feeds in small pellet doses at short intervals to ensure a consistent flame and a very high level of efficiency. As with all pellet burners, good quality pellets are required to ensure the best operation.


Boilers with heat exchanges/coils are put under a strain when lots of family members need to shower in a short space of time. Viking Bio has a unique function that automatically senses if the hot water requirement has increased. The burner then starts up quickly before the boiler demands heat (sold as an accessory). Viking Bio 20 pellet burners have outputs for both light and audio signals that indicate if you have forgotten to fill it with pellets

Environmental Impact

Viking Bio 20 has been tested and approved by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and achieved excellent results.


Carefully considered ignition eliminates the risk of flue gases collecting in the boiler and igniting with explosive force (a problem with some pellet burners). The burner ventilates both itself and the boiler during start up. It then starts up calmly and carefully. The flame builds up in stages to the preset power. The temperature in the drop tube and surroundings is checked. The flame is monitored by a photocell. If the burner fails to start for some reason, it will blow all dangerous flue gases out of the boiler before it stops.


The burner has no moving parts apart from the fan. All parts that get hot are manufactured from high temperature-resistant, acid-proof stainless steel of the very highest quality. Viking Bio 20 pellet burners have a very reliable electric starter. The starting element is monitored so that it can’t overheat. It is very unusual to need to replace the element, which is a common problem with many other pellet burners.

Low maintenance

The burner is attached with easy to access rapid connectors. The electrical connections and pellet feeder hose have rapid connectors. It takes about 10 seconds to release the burner from the boiler. The burner is light and easy to carry.


Viking Bio 20 has a forward-burning flame, just like an oil burner. This is why the burner fits all boilers, even narrow modern oil boilers, such as CTC 1100/1200/2200, Nibe City, etc. Viking Bio 20 is easy and cheap to install. You can order a converter kit for CTC’s oil boilers. The combination has been tested and approved by SP as being highly efficient and conforms with environmental standards.


RHI & Payback Options

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Technical Data Sheet

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