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The Clock Tower, Somerset

In this project an existing courtyard of barns near Exmoor have been tastefully converted into 3 large houses. The design includes a 15kW Biotech Toplight - automated biomass boiler with each house specified by Biofutures.

To maximise space these relatively compact boilers have been located in a corner with the flow/return connections and flue emerging from the top. The silo for the pellets was constructed within the garage area and pellets are drawn from the silo by a worm screw before being conveyed to the boilers by vacuum. Each boiler is connected to a 600/150lit combination cylinder providing heating and hot water.

The developer concluded that the addition of a biomass heating system would differentiate the houses and add value to the scheme. Each house will enjoy significantly lower running costs (compared to Oil/LPG), zero carbon emissions from heating / hot water and can look forward to RHI income.