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State Of The Art Hot Air System For New Home

All too often when it comes to space heating builders and owners seem to be fixated on the historic systems using boilers and hot water circulation either with radiators or under floor heating. Refreshingly when Lesley and Martin were planning their new dwelling in Ammanford they were thinking “outside the box” and concluded it was not necessary to go down this conventional route. After some investigations they contacted Biofutures to discuss the alternative options available. The building has an overall external floor area of 148m2 on two floors.

Biofutures as a UK distributor for Palazzetti were familiar with the ducted pellet heating systems that are very popular in Europe. When this type of approach was introduced to Lesley and Martin they did see the benefits in having a system that would heat the house and reduce significantly the plumbing costs associated with conventional wet systems. We then discussed this with the design practice (Davies Richards Design) and owners to ensure that this type of approach was practical. Given that this was considered at an early stage there were no particular issues in taking this approach to space heating in this property.

State of the hot air system for new home

In essence “TRACY” the attractive stove sits and heats the room it is located within and then two ducts are incorporated that circulates the hot air to other parts of the house. The building is equipped with PV panels and domestic hot water is provided by that electrical source and the use of an immersion heater in the cylinder. The stove is quiet and has it owner programmer and temperature controls. The stove starts automatically and with very high efficiency the amount of ash generated from burning wood pellets is minimal. The compact ash would only normally need to be emptied once a week.

Keeps the house comfortable

New biomass installation keeps house comfortable

Kedrick a Director at Biofutures comments, “Although the option of using oil or gas was available the SAP calculations showed that an air circulation system was a suitable alternative for this dwelling. The exact location of the stove and the ducting was discussed with the architects, occupiers and main contractor to ensure that the best circulation patterns were achieved. We have fitted a number of pellet heating stoves in new and older buildings with and without ducting and we know from experience how reliable they are and how pleased customers have been with them”.

The installation was completed by the Biofutures team with the phasing of that work being coordinated with the main building contractor (Edwyns Ltd 079683454117 – edwynsltd @ The owners now have a very efficient wood pellet heating system that will provide many years worth of financial and environmental benefits.

Lesley and Martin have commented as follows:

“The pellet stove, we absolutely love it. It’s easy to use and though we have had a fairly mild winter it takes very little time to warm up the house. When it goes on in the morning it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to bring it up from 17 to 22 degrees, and unless the fan is on high it is very quiet. We don't seem to use many pellets either. 'Tracy' also looks good too!
One of the main reasons we wanted to have the stove was the sustainability angle using a renewable and less polluting energy source. We didn't want gas, not just because of the cost but because we wanted to get way from the use of fossil fuels where possible.
So yes we are really happy with the stove and would recommend it to anyone looking to for an efficient and sustainable heating system”.