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Solar Tracker, Wales


The solar tracker was given planning approval by Carmarthenshire County Council in late 2011. The scheme was implemented prior to the 12th December FIT tariff changes.

The 16 Sanyo 235W panels are mounted onto a single axis tracker and has a declared capacity of 3.76kW. The active tracking systems provide up to a 40 % higher yield from your fixed PV modules systems. The tracker follows the sun through the day, this extends the time that useful power levels are delivered and maximises the peak power.


  • Single axis design for cost effectiveness - Reliability and efficiency.
  • Simple design for fast, failure-free installation - High reliability and excellent serviceability.
  • Low cost of ownership - Long life expectancy in line with PV modules.
  • Predictable financial planning - Short Return of Investment (ROI) cycle.
  • Very attractive business case against -Fixed and dual axis PV installations.