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Short of space? Biomass can still work!

There is a general misconception that biomass installation need huge amounts of space. Indeed there is a degree of truth in this, especially if you are looking at log or fully automated systems due to either the size of the buffer required or the space needed for a silo.

Palazzetti Pellet Stoves save spacePalazzetti Pellet Boiler StovesFind room for your biomass system

However, this is not the true situation as Palazzetti the Italian manufacturer has a range of pellet stoves (heat through circulating hot air) and pellet boiler stoves (central heating and domestic hot water) which actually have very small footprints, generally no more than a single kitchen unit (600mmx600mm). These stoves and boilers are designed to sit within the house and to provide an attractive feature fire (flames can be seen through the glass window) whilst also heating the room and the whole house.

The compactness of the units and the small flue size 100mm allows these units to be installed in virtually any size house including terraced property if the existing chimney is still in existence. So that a liner can be fitted. These pellet stoves and boilers range in price in the region of £1500 - £4000 and are an ideal solution where space and financial consideration are constraints. Being smaller units they do have a smaller pellet store which would require topping up more frequently and some greater occupier inputs are required as they are not as automated as some of the more expensive pellet boilers.

Nevertheless, they can provide an affordable solution that provides property owners to benefit from lower running costs and RHI payments.