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Maesybont Llanelli Biomass Case Study

This retrofit scheme addressed a number of heating and water pressure issues at this modern dormer bungalow.

Maesybont Llanelli Biomass Case Study Bungalow

The decision was made after a number of discussions with the Biofutures design team to replace the old oil heating system with a very efficient wood pellet biomass system. It was concluded at an early planning stage that a biomass boiler would fulfil the owners requirements when replacing the existing oil boiler.

The availability of an adjacent small outbuilding provided the ideal space for the installation of an automated Biotech PZ25RL biomass wood pellet boiler, with sufficient space for the associated 800lit buffer cylinder and other controls. Installation of below ground insulated pipes connecting the outbuilding to the homeowners property which was to be heated. An external galavanised silo was erected in the position of the former oil tank which allowed a short blow distance for the pellet delivery lorry.

Biomass boiler installation at a bungalow in Llanelli South Wales

During planning, it was agreed to install a larger new DHW Cylinder in the house at the location of the former oil boiler that then provided increased DHW capacity and a pressurized system for the homeowner in their property.

The end user will see considerable savings on annual running costs compared to the original oil boiler in the house; whilst also applying for the Domestic RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) that will see the owner receiving payments for a period of 7 years that will cover the costs of the biomass equipment and installation.