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Cynghordy Carmarthenshire Biomass Case Study

Biofutures supplied a Biotech MBW pellet biomass boiler to heat a domestic property in Cynghordy, Carmarthenshire.

Heating a domestic home with Biomass Pellets in Carmarthenshire

Fed up with the rising costs of anthracite and the lack of efficiency / capacity of the solid fuel range, the owner of this rural property in Carmarthenshire decided it was time to change. The customer also didn't like the environmental costs associated with using oil as an alternative. After investigating the various options available to heat the home, the customer opted for the Biotech manual fill pellet boiler with a combination buffer/DHW cylinder was chosen after consideration of GDA/EPC and HHIC individual heat load calculations for each room in the house. The customer loved the idea of using UK sourced wood pellets in the boiler to provide the most cost effective means of heating with high levels of convenience. The onboard silo holding the pellets also meant the pellet burning capabilities (96% efficient) of the boiler meant the boiler would continue to run when they were away from home. The boiler could also at a latter date be modified to a fully automated system linked with a much larger silo in the future.

Biotech MBW Pellet Biomass Installation Case Study in Carmarthenshire

The boiler etc is located in the adjacent garage and to overcome low water/flow rate issues a Grundfos Home Booster kit was fitted. The occupiers had the following observations on the system Biofutures installed :

‘Our property had comparatively inconsistent water pressure and low flow around the house. We wanted the installation of a combination buffer tank as part of our biomass pellet boiler system to help address this by providing mains pressure hot water. This was only possible with a pressure/flow booster of some kind to meet the buffer tank’s requirements. Biofutures recommended the Grundfos Home Booster Kit as the best solution. They sourced and fitted this as part of the overall Biomass installation, the ideal time to do so. We now enjoy excellent mains pressure hot water and much improved cold water pressure and flow. It works unobtrusively in the plant room and is well integrated with the rest of the system. We are delighted with the entire Biomass system and the timely installation by the Biofutures team.‘