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Brecon Farm Log Boiler Installation Case Study

The property is located outside Brecon and was built with space heating and domestic hot water being provided by a LPG gas boiler. The original boiler was beginning to fail after a few years and the occupiers decided to review their options. Living on a working farm the opportunity of using self-supplied timber was an attractive proposition that led them to consider a high specification biomass log boiler and reduce dependency on fossil fuels (LPG) .

Brecon Farm Log Boiler Installation in Brecon Powys

They approached Biofutures for some advice and we discussed the respective merits of wood pellet and log boiler solutions. The availability of an under used garage some 30m from the house provided the ideal location to house the boiler and the space available enabled a 1500lit buffer to be linked to the Swedish 30kW Varmebaronen log boiler. The existing domestic hot water cylinder was retained and integrated into the overall hydraulic layout.

Boiler Plant room fitted into existing garage

The boiler requires split logs of 0.5m in length to ensure the most efficient burn in this wood gasification boiler. Biofutures undertook the entire installation, including erecting the flue, all plumbing work, commissioning and training. The owners organizing the trench work to accept the below ground insulated pipe work that links the plant room with the dwelling. The homeowners will require in the region of 8,85-11.77m3 of timber processed into 0.5m3 lengths to heat the property that is approximately 206m2 and was previously costing in the region of £1940 per annum to heat with LPG. The boiler will require loading once a day during the winter months.

Log Boiler Project Overview

Log Boiler Gasification Boiler from Biofutures

  • 30kW Varmebaronen Vedolux wood gasification log boiler providing heat to the house.
  • Runs on firewood logs
  • Customer benefits from the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payment of £969.40 per annum x 7 years (excluding indexation) £6785.83

Projected Outcomes Overview

  • Fuel Cost Savings of 50%+
  • CO2 Reduction of 95%
  • Fuel cost savings and RHI payment provide a 5 - 6 year payback on the entire installation

Owner Comments:

“As a farming business the opportunity to heat our home with a log boiler was attractive as we had a ready source of timber, the space to process it and locate the boiler and the buffer cylinder that is quite large. This has resulted in significant fuel savings, which on top of the RHI income makes this a sensible and excellent investment for any rural homeowner or business.
The Biofutures team worked closely with us during the installation and it was undertaken smoothly with us being keep updated on progress. The commissioning and hand over was excellent and we are very pleased with the system and the work done.”
Chris & Cath Alford