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Henstaff Conference Centre, Cardiff

The scheme involves a Biotech 65Kw wood pellet boiler that has replaced the existing LPG heat system at this successful business and conference centre at Groesfaen outside Cardiff. This energy centre in association with an existing PV scheme makes this commercial/business centre one of the greenest in Wales.

The environmental case for reducing carbon emissions is well established but the business and financial benefits of installing a wood pellet heating system are persuasive. Notwithstanding, the lower operational costs, which are significant, the payments from OFGEM through the Renewable Heat Incentive are such that relying on fossil fuels for the future makes little commercial sense.

The Biotech boiler is located within a former office space and is linked to a 1500lit buffer and 6Ton pellet silo feed by a vacuum “Mole” feeding device. The system has convenience levels similar to gas or oil. The boiler has a single-phase electrical supply; has fully automated pellet feed, ash cleaning and heat exchanger cleaning. The boiler has BCL modems providing SMS messages to maintenance staff and the boilers functioning can be interrogated via SMS text messaging.

With 96% efficiency the boiler provide a low cost space heating  to the facility and is already saving the owners £1200 a month compared to the LPG costs, without considering the payments from the commercial RHI scheme which will be significant. 

With boiler sizes from 15 -100KW and the ability to “link” units systems can be designed for virtually all commercial/business premises.