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Biotech PZ65 Boiler Case Study, Vale of Glamorgan

Biotech PZ65 Boiler Installation Case Study

A Biotech PZ65 pellet boiler was recently installed and commissioned by Biofutures in the Vale of Glamorgan to provide space and domestic hot water to two residential buildings. Heating is distributed via below ground insulated pipes of 45m and 65m runs respectively. The boiler, buffer cylinder, pumps and silo where built into a commercially available timber building that the customer purchased and erected on site.

Biotech PZ65 Installation in Vale of GlamorganBoiler Housing Shed for Biotech BoilerVale of Glamorgan Biomass Installation

Moving away from oil and being on the commercial RHI tariff will provide the owner with a sound forward investment with a ROI in excess of 20% and significantly lower running costs in heating these two properties.